Sunday, July 24, 2011

Moving Western Kentucky Beyond Coal Summit

Sierra Club and Murray Environmental Student SocietyHosts
Moving Western Kentcucky Beyond Coal Summitt
The Economics, the Environmental and Health Impacts, and Working for a Renewable Energy Economy!

Saturday September 10th 8:30am-7:00pm
Murray State University at the Curris Center
We will explore the important issues surrounding Illionoius Basin Coal and Coal Burning Power Plants in Western Kentucky and what steps we can take to grow new green jobs around a new renewable energy industry!
1) How is coal destroying our health, our water, our air, and environment?
2) How is coal destroying our economy and our future?
3) What can be done to make Kentcuky a fertile ground for renewable energy?
4) How can we create sustainable Green Jobs through a renewable energy industry and new energy efficiency for businesses and families?
Sierra Club leaders, the Kentucky Environmental Foundation, and others to be announced will lead discussions on these subjects.
Please Pre-Register by contacting:
Thomas Pearce at 502-489-4700 or  email at:

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